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EN "Opposites attract“ - but how attractive is a person that’s oppositional within themselves? Someone who is restless but also lazy? Someone who always says the right thing but then does something stupid? Someone who embodies everything you love but also everything you detest? With refreshing ease singer Neiyla sings about someone who is simply “50/50” and asks: Should you stay or leave with the one that keeps you sane but also drives you crazy? Neiylas new Pop/RnB song, which has been written in the first lockdown, tells that story with a lot of rhythm, horn arrangements and a groovy electric guitar.

Neiyla Losing You Cover

EN “Losing you” explores the feeling of “not wanting to let go” when losing a person you love and captures the disillusionment of promises now broken that lovers once gave each other (“you said that we would make it through any weather, but baby now I know better. You said that we would last for eternity, but forever don’t last too long is what I see.”). “Losing you” embodies these feelings of emptiness, grief and rage as well as the feeling of hope and commitment to a new beginning.

Neiyla 50/50 Cover
Neiyla Good Thing Cover

EN "Good Thing” starts as an minimalistic acoustic Song that gradually builds up to a fully arranged Pop Song with RnB influences. The key message of my song is to not take the “good things” in one’s life for granted and take care of them as “you don’t want to look back on a good thing you once had”. Many people are on the endless search for more and more and meanwhile overlook the “good things” and “good people” by their side. My song “Good Thing” talks about a relationship where exactly that is happening. However the mood of the song is not at all melancholy. In contrast to the expected operates the song as a cheeky and easeful final warning to realise the worth of the partner and stop taking them for granted as “you don’t wanna look back on a good thing you once had”.